What is Auriga?

Auriga, in Greek mythology is the inventor of the four horsed chariot Quadriga. Just as the horses power the chariot, our four services
– capacity building, management research, communication support and strategic planning – power our work.

Auriga in Latin stands for Charioteer. The charioteer across times and cultures are symbolic of focus, leadership, valour, courage, and wisdom to guide Auriga, the charioteer, is a visual representation our ethos and culture.

A chariot showcases the knowledge, experience and craftsmanship of the maker. Similarly our solutions are custom designed efficient, rugged and hard bodied, when they are needed to serve needs on the ground yet grand, and pompous when they need to sing glory of the achievements of our

The wheels built in perfect symmetry, make the journey comfortable by taking the jerks and hits on the way and, changing its course when required. Moving together in perfect rhythm, the wheels stand for the revolutionary progress we aim to make through our support and services.

The charioteer represents character and competence, our commitment to guide with diligence and lead without fear to assist our clients to overcome the challenges they face.

A full drawn bow in the logo symbolises strong focus and full use of skill and expertise possessed by the team to assist clients in problem solving.

Straight, simple , targeted and sharp and true to its course, the arrow clearly conveying action to hit the heart of the problem and offering relevant and effective solution .

  • Auriga Consultancy and Management Services Private Limited
    ( CIN#: U74140DL2015PTC277184 )
  • Registered Office

    A-139, Chaudhary Complex, Basement 7,
    Gali No. 1, Madhu Vihar,
    New Delhi - 110092. INDIA
    E-Mail: auriga@aurigacams.com
  • Corporate Office

    Ground Floor, Crossroads Complex
    NR-27, DLF Qutub Enclave, Phase III,
    Gurgaon – 122002, INDIA
    Phone: +91.124.435.9624
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